16 October 2014

The 2014 New York Film Festival.

Another year, another New York Film Festival... How I love it.

At the movies: Valerie a tyden divu/Outer Space.

Tonight's installation of The Light + Sound Machine has a Halloween triple feature for the ages. '70s Age of Manson prescience, millennium angst Austrian found footage, and a sensual overload from the Czech New Wave. One night only, all on 16mm. Do not miss it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Sandra Bernhard...

Interviewing the legendary Sandra Bernhard was a dream. She's always been an inspiration to me going back to 1988, when I first encountered her work terrorizing David Letterman, and also her spectacular one-woman show Without You I'm Nothing. I'm ecstatic to see her tomorrow night here in Nashville, as I've only ever seen her live once before, in New York at The Beacon back in the early late '90s on the Excuses for Bad Behavior Tour. Respect to one of the ladies who did it her way.

08 October 2014

At the movies: The Guest.

The Guest is the latest film from those lovable freaks Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, and you should see it if you can. I have no idea what is going on with its release plan, but it's a jolting breath of fresh air and it's a grand theatrical experience to have.

Famous People Talked to me: Gone Girl at the NYFF.

Another year, another exceptional New York Film Festival. The big writeup is coming soon, but here's the opening night film, David Fincher's Gone Girl, with its big cast and crew interview/discussion/press conference. The film is exceptional, very Verhoevian, and part of its pleasures are seeing it with an audience being buffeted about by its gloriously sick twists and turns.