11 June 2018

Catching Up with 2018...

It's been far too long since I've updated this site, and that's on me.

And I just reviewed Hereditary, which is quite something.

Here's me on the Nashville Scene's podcast talking about the 2018 Nashville Film Festival.

I reviewed Grace Jones - Bloodlight and Bami, which is superb, and I got to introduce the film in front of a packed house. There may be some video of this surfacing later in the year. Maybe.

I got to write about Jonah Ray's Festival of Me at Zanies, which was a blast.

I was indirectly featured in an article in Entertainment Weekly about the script reading for Flash Gordon that was put on at the 2018 Chattanooga Film Festival with actual real live Flash Gordon Sam J. Jones! I was the narrator for the script reading, and you can hear my voice in the excerpt featured in the video attached to the article.

I saw Ready Player One.

I interviewed filmmaker Alyce Wittenstein before her retrospective at what would prove the final Peripheral Visions at Third Man Records, which I am very sad about. The interview was good, though.

I covered the Big Ears festival of Music and Film in Knoxville, and it was great except for the mourning.

I reviewed Love, Simon. Which is very kind-hearted and sweet and a good start.

I interviewed Kyle Kinane again, right after he got back from China.

I reviewed Call Me By Your Name, which was one of my favorite films of last year.

I administered and collated the Jim Ridley Memorial Film Poll for the Year 2017 for the Nashville Scene.