21 April 2023


 I got to write about m83 and their whole vibe.

At the movies: Renfield.

 I liked this more than most, it seems. It is chaotic as hell, and way gorier than you might expect (though cartoonish gore, not upsetting gore). But you put Nicholas Hoult in a floppy haircut, and I'm going to at least let you explain.

At the movies: Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.


You don't have to have played D&D to enjoy the new film version, but it absolutely enriches the experience. 

At the movies: Country Gold.


A new Mickey Reece film is always cause for celebration.

At the movies: The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Talkin' bout Nintendo's beloved brother plumbers.

At the movies: Pacifiction.

 Albert Serra is back with another masterpiece, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

At the movies: Enys Men.


Since I first saw this one at last fall's New York Film Festival, Enys Men (Uh-NEEZ MANE) has occupied a significant part of my subconscious. Moody and ethereal and a lot of fun.