21 February 2011

At the movies: Kaboom.

The more I think about Gregg Araki's latest film, the more I love it. I've seen it three times now, and its genial awesomeness grows exponentially. It's very Nowhere, but with a great deal more positive sex vibes (which is something that the world desperately needs). If I said this was like the sex-hippie version of Demonlover, would that make you want to go?

My Very own Oscar Preview/Complainarama.

So I actually was asked to put my thoughts about this year's Oscars in writing, and I jumped at the chance. It's always a nifty opportunity to try and second guess such an amorphous and frustrating group as AMPAS, and I hope I've managed to get at some quality points about what's awesome and what's awful about this (and most) award shows.

If I had an awards show, you can rest assured it would be awesome.

17 February 2011

At the movies: Hadewijch.

Not playing in Nashville, except on IFC On Demand/In Theatres. But well worth your time. It's haunted me since I first saw it back in Fall '09.

12 February 2011

At the movies: Somewhere.

A rather polarizing effort from Sofia Coppola. Still, The Virgin Suicides is a masterpiece of such high order that I'm willing to follow her anywhere.


At the movies: The Illusionist.

The latest from Belleville Rendezvous director Sylvain Chomet, with a pedigree that contentiously includes Jacques Tati. Come and get it...

03 February 2011

At the Movies: Biutiful.

New AGI film finally making its way to Nastyville, with two Oscar nominations to boot. Check out some thoughts on it here.