02 July 2023

Mike Maimone's Mookie's Big Gay Mixtape and Moony's Podunk.

 I contributed to a discussion on recent musical releases that deserved some more attention. Please do explore...

At the movies: Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny.


It's disheartening how I am not picking the hits this Summer. I mean, success has nothing to do with quality. But it shakes one's certainties. I very much liked this film.

Talking The Blackening with Sheronica Hayes.


Always a delight to talk with artist/designer/theorist Sheronica Hayes about movies, and we get into it about The Blackening.

At the movies: The Flash.


Well, here's my thought on another film that the public has soundly rejected.

Werckmeister Harmonies and Trenque Lauquen.


A short piece on two longer films- both exceptional narratives that reward the viewer with untold worlds to take a soak in.