20 May 2016

At the movies: The Nice Guys.

"How do you like my car, big boy?"

The Trump vs Bernie Experience.

I got to talk to both sides of the Trump vs Bernie debate that's currently traveling the world. It was amazing across the board, and gets at a lot of the subtext of the modern American experience. I will go to the ends of the earth for James Adomian, and Tony Atamanuik kicks just as much ass.


I still don't have my mind wrapped around having lost Prince. This piece that I wrote for Club Planet, well, I was able to do it because it had a specific focus on his ongoing gifts to the dance music community. I focused on the Linn LM-1 and drum machines in general.

At the movies: Miles Ahead.

Miles Ahead is a bonkers biopic that delivers lots of madness and trippy joy, even if it sometimes gets a little silly. This is the first review I wrote after Jim died, so it may seem as if from an uncertain place. Because honestly it is.

Further down. This is rumor control; here are the facts.

After the sudden and tragic loss of Jim Ridley, losing Prince was a subsequent devastating blow that knocked me for a loop. It all happened during the Nashville Film Festival, which under normal circumstances is my favorite week-and-a-half of the year. So it's been a messy past- almost two months.

The Festival went very well, even when carried out under the saddest of circumstances. For the roundup of the films I showed at the Graveyard Shift, check out the episode of The Whorer podcast devoted to it here if you'd like.

Since then, well, it's been messy.