29 March 2012

At the movies: Silent House.

A mess of a film with a staggering lead performance, this is the kind of movie that I recommend to actors and people who dig on seeing just how weird some films can skew. If anything, the in-home experience with this film might prove even more rewarding. It's not a particularly good film, even, but Olsen is spectacular. Have a look see...

15 March 2012

At the movies: Margaret.

So, after much hemming and hawing and protestations, Kenneth Lonergan's Margaret is finally making its way  to Nashville. It feels like a lifetime, which is somehow fitting, because the film encompasses many lifetimes. 
I got lucky enough to be able to write about the film for the Scene, and the end result was a behemoth (somewhere around 2,600 words). You can read the refocused piece here, and then, after you've seen the film, you should check out the appendix to the piece, or, in remix terminology, the Bonus Beats, which are here. This section is much more spoilery, so do keep that in mind.