29 September 2011

At the movies: Tucker and Dale versus Evil.

Have a beer and give this a read. Then see the film. I would be there if I could...

At the movies: Hadewijch (Take 2)

So back in the long, long ago, when I still wrote for The Tennessean but was stuck in online Siberia, I decided to try and through some love to afilm that wasn't going to show in town. As Bruno Dumont's Hadewijch wasa entering its last week as part of IFC Films' On Demand/In Theatres program, I had to act fast. SO I did a full-on piece on the film in order to convince people to experience. I got some shit about it, but I still feel it was the right thing to have done. And now, months and months later, Hadewijch is going to be showing in Nashville thanks to Sarratt.

I am ecstatic. Ecstatic enough to have written a different review of the film. You can read it here...

22 September 2011

At the movies: Stalker.

I got to write about Tarkovsky's masterpiece Stalker for the Scene this week, which is an honor. And I didn't even get to the tracking shot of human folly, spanning the riverbed where money, weapons, and religious iconography lie, useless, forever.

18 September 2011

At the movies: Drive.

So, this film opened on Friday and it's got a few people talking about it. I think it's particularly awesome. You should check it out. Here's some more of my thoughts on the subject.

10 September 2011

Miranda July Live in Video

So tonight, at Nashville's venerable Belcourt Theatre, following the 6:30 screening of The Future (regualr admission prices, $8.75 for adults, $7.25 for students and military with active ID, $6.25 for seniors, and as always, $5.75 for Belcourt members), there's going to be a Skype discussion with writer/director/star Miranda July. This is not a chance that comes by too terribly often, and you'd be in for a special treat. In addition, after the discussion, you'd be right on time for our free outdoor screening of Psycho. So that's an evening right there. Don't miss it.

At the movies: Attack the Block.

So I was recently approached by a local arts magazine to do a bit of film writing for them, so I did. Let me know your thoughts.