29 August 2017

A few words about the 'Nashville Statement.'

First off, after reading the so-called 'Nashville Statement," I find it to be inaccurately named; it reeks of some Williamson County bullshit.

It makes sense that this would drop during the day when noted charlatan Joel Osteen had to be shamed into following the most basic teachings of Christ. In exchange for an illicit spot on the Supreme Court, evangelical Christianity's embrace of Donald Trump and all that he stands for remains a jawdropping betrayal of principle.

Not a single signer of this statement is an influencer or authority outside of their own myopic perversion of the words of Christ. There's not a person among them with any reach beyond the dreary, hateful choir they're preaching at.

As annoying as the polygentrification of this city's neighborhoods have been, as frustrating as the ensuing parking drama has grown, as many slapdash hot chicken experiments that proliferate on more menus than they really should, the great thing about Nashville is that the ignorant and homophobic mentality that resulted in this statement- well, it's no longer the majority. Keep your trifling rejection of the LGBT community in Brentwood, because Nashville isn't having it.

Christ is love. You know what would have been an amazing way of consolidating a myriad of Christian voices today? Helping the people of Houston. Reaching out to the needy and those who were hurting. Doing something kind.

But whatever. In the words of Haven Hamilton, I want this to speak to your heart... "They can't do this to us in Nashville. Let's show them what we're made of." Show your love to those in need. Christianity is about opening doors, not building walls. Stay strong, Houston. We've got love for you.

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