21 August 2010

An intriguing new professional development.

I actually have some web presence in the Gannett armada of publishing... It only took ten years, but I'm actually quite psyched for it. Stop by No Concessions, check it out, and let me know your thoughts.

All my reviews from here on out for Metromix will be archived there, as well as a few classics from the past that have been lost to the eddies of time and space. I'll also be doing current film updates as well there.

Does this mean I'm doing away with Interface 2037? Far from it. I need a space that will remain my own, and this is it. I'll link to NC stuff here, so you'll receive notification in some form or another when I've got new things to read, but let's just look at these two beasties as newfound stepsiblings who are figuring their space issues out.