26 January 2012

At the movies: A Dangerous Method.

A new David Cronenberg film is a cause for rejoicing.

Forty years in the business and he's still the best director working today (as well as my favorite all-time Canadian and living North American), and finally, after an eternity of dicking around because of potential awards buzz (that, of course, never happened), A Dangerous Method has come to Nashville.

I've been wading through an inordinate amount of haterade for this film from people who should know better, and I just don't understand it. But I'm getting ahead of myself- see the film, and we'll talk...

Famous People Talked to Me: Steve McQueen & Michael Fassbender.

So, one of the joys of the New York Film Festival are the Press Conferences, where you battle with likeminded critics and journalists from all over the world to get questions to creative folk who've just shown you their latest work. Here's some details from the press conference for Shame that you might find illuminating. Both Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender were charming and forthright, and the whole event went swimmingly.

One thing I was never able to fit in anywhere in discussion of this film is how exquisitely Chic's "I Want Your Love" is used. Bernard Edwards' basslines always have a hint of menace to them, and this film makes them perform in that capacity in a most exceptional way.

12 January 2012

At the movies: Carnage.

New Polanski, in this case a tony theatrical adaptation. And believe you me, it's something very special. I guarantee you Green Hills crowds can relate to it.

05 January 2012

A roundtable discussion of 2011 Film.

I had the good fortune of being part of the Nashville Scene's 2011 Year in Film round up. Feel free to explore.