31 March 2011

At the movies: Certified Copy.

The new Abbas Kiarostami film is kind of awesome. It's alive and strange and it does things to your mind...

It even restored my Boston associate's love of the cinema for a little while.

24 March 2011

At the movies: White Material.

It's staggering that it took almost two years for the latest Claire Denis film to make it to the U.S. But we can certainly be glad that it did. It's a haunting and majestic film that will nonetheless make you think about what Africa is and represents in your own life.

18 March 2011

At the movies: Paul.

So, apparently I liked this movie way more than the rest of the world (barring Steve K and Zack H). I acknowledge some of its flaws, but I stand by it as being a lot weirder and more complex than it's getting credit for.

Also, it does that epic tracking shot along the underside of a spacecraft, and I just adore that.

10 March 2011