19 June 2021

At the movies: Censor.

 An auspicious feature debut that gets real messy in the recesses of the mind. It lingers in my head, and I think you'll find something deep within its many facets.

At the movies: In The Heights.

 My Dad took me to my first Broadway shows, so it seemed appropriate that I got to take him to an advance screening of this film. It scratches that big musical theatre itch.

05 June 2021

At the movies: Bu San/Goodbye, Dragon Inn.


The lovable freaks at Metrograph Pictures have brought Tsai Ming-Liang's 2003 masterpiece Goodbye Dragon Inn back to theatres in a lovely new restoration, and I got to write about it. It's a beautiful film, thankfully rescued from the clutches of the collapsed Weinstein Company (someday someone will write the story of how Wellspring was both a gift and a curse for global cinema), and encompasses so many emotional responses.

"We honor you, Queen Carlotta!"


It's not often when you get a chance to write about one of the greats. So, for the AV Club's series on over-the-top villains, I had to lay some laurels at the feet of Desperate Living's Queen Carlotta. Edith Massey was one of the greats, and society is worse off without her.

A note, though. While the version currently available to rent via Amazon and the usual VoD sources is HD (which is something I never thought I'd see), it's presented in an aspect ratio that seems a little tight. Your mileage may vary.