29 July 2022

A Tropical Malady discussion with Dave White.

 It's always a joy to talk about art cinema with Dave White, and this latest incarnation, focusing on Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Tropical Malady, is no exception to that. We cover a lot of narrative and thematic ground.

07 July 2022

Podcastery, y'all: The Incinerator - Jennifer Jason Leigh.


I appeared on the Incinerator podcast to examine the films of Jennifer Jason Leigh, and it was an intense and complicated experience. Sam Inglis was a worthy competitor/collaborator, and The Engineer was a Machiavellian genius. Host/MC/chaos imp Billy Ray Brewton did exactly what you would expect, and the whole thing was a delightful experience that nonetheless had me fighting off acid reflux fits. I adore Jennifer Jason Leigh, and I have no doubt I will be engaging with this appearance for awhile.

At the movies: Lost Highway.

 "We've met before, haven't we?"

The Tan Side of Lonesome. An interview with Tan.


Always a delight to talk to Tan, Nashville's secret weapon when it comes to the realms of Italodisco, Hi-NRG, sophistipop, birdwatching, and aquarium design.

At the movies: Thor: Love and Thunder (or Th4r, if you ask me).


Time to get Thorganized. This one's fine (better than Dr Strange 2, to be sure), but I just want more Russell Crowe as Zeus and the redacted spoiler from the first end credits scene.

At the movies: Flux Gourmet.


Another Peter Strickland masterpiece.

At the movies: Elvis.

Despite going in expecting a disaster, I really did enjoy this film. It's also very funny that the guy playing Little Richard almost steals the whole movie with just one scene.

At the movies: The Black Phone.


An upsetting work that sticks in my mind. As far as the controversy regarding Ethan Hawke's character's mannerisms, and if it's meant to be 'gayface,' I didn't get that vibe. But I'm also feeling fraught around the spikier discourses these days, so I'm happy to let others take the lead in this discussion. 

At the movies: After Blue (Dirty Paradise)/After Blue (Paradis Sale).


The kind of amazing visual experience that you just steep in like an exotic tea.

Podcastery, y'all: Screen Drafts - John Waters.


I made my debut on the Screen Drafts podcast, drafting the films of John Waters with chaos imp Billy Ray Brewton. Hosts Clay Keller and Ryan Marker were gracious and welcoming, and I had an utter blast and would absolutely do it again if asked.

At the movies: Crimes of The Future.


A new Cronenberg film is a time for rejoicing. I cannot express the joy that this film brings, and I recommend it so very, very highly.

At the movies: RRR.


A maximalist pleasure that I've been going on about since March. The version on Netflix is unfortunately the Hindi dub in a modified aspect ratio (it should be cinemascope and in Telugu), but it still delivers so much of what makes moviegoing pleasurable these days. Check it out.

At the movies: Top Gun: Maverick.

 I was very disappointed with this one, and it was also one of the first reviews that actively brought me hate mail, so I guess that's historic. This really needed some Meg Ryan energy.

At the movies: Vortex.


Gaspar Noe has done it again, but not in the way you might most expect.

At the movies: Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Director's Edition.


I will always speak up for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It's still the best Trek film, and every time I watch it I wish some incarnation of ST would do right by the Deltans. I don't have any tattoos, but if I did, the first one would be a quote from this film.

At the movies: Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness.


A big disappointment, lamentably.

At the movies: We're All Going To The World's Fair.


A transformative film that feels several years ahead of most of what's out there, cinematically.

At the movies: Memoria.


A singular experience that, hopefully, you'll be able to see at a theatre near you during its theoretically perpetual release.

At the movies: Aline.


"C'est pas Celine..." but if you love Celine Dion, you simply must see this film.