23 November 2011

At the movies: The Muppets.

It really did mess me up reading about Frank Oz's displeasure with the new Muppet film. It's bound to be difficult when someone is able to take things you helped create and take them off to unknown tangents and places- like Frank Oz did with Ira Levin's Stepford Wives.

I kid.

Much respect to Frank Oz for all his work (and Little Shop of Horrors, because that movie rules your face off), but the new Muppets film is a delight. Feel free to investigate.

My favorite context-free line: "All hail the Hobo King!"

18 November 2011

At the movies: Breaking Dawn - Part I.

So, this movie you might have heard of opened this weekend.

As you can see above, it's nonstop hot Brazilian honeymoon action. But there are certainly some enjoyably campy facets. Read all about it within...

17 November 2011

At the movies: The Skin I Live In (La Piel que Habito).

Kinky Pedro is back! Yay!

Spend some time experiencing some new flesh with my thoughts on The Skin I Live In...

Getting to know you: Peter Depp.

An interview I did with badass comedian/TV star Peter Depp for the Nashville Scene.

10 November 2011

At the movies: Martha Marcy May Marlene.

My take on the exquisite new film opening this week. I'll be moderating a Skypechat with Writer/Director Sean Durkin after the 7:30 show tomorrow night (11/11/11) and I hope to see you there.

I'm very proud of this photo. If Elizabeth Olsen ever starts a rock band, this could so be an album cover.

Putting something freaky in your earhole.

A bit of music writing this week, coming to bring some freakitude to Nashville.

01 November 2011

At the movies: Take Shelter.

Watching this film sort of triggered a minor nervous collapse in me this past weekend.

I'm not making any claims that the same could happen to you (this isn't un film de Bienvido), but I just want people to understand that parts of this movie leave deep scars. So keep that in mind. And certainly, check this film out.