11 April 2022

At the movies: Morbius.


"They see me like- a brother," the renegade scientist Michael Morbius says, speaking of the giant tube full of bats he keeps in his downtown lab. This despite his having abducted them, muddled with their DNA, and routinely killing several of them in that methodical way that hurts the collective rep of the scientific community. But it illustrates one of the several movie-killing problems at play here, namely an insistence that what is said overrides what is seen. This philosophy is fine for radio drama, but not for cinema. Have a read...

At the movies: Great Freedom (GroBe Freiheit).


Franz Rogowski is easily one of the best actors working today, and if you have even the remotest chance to see his new film, you really ought to.

At the movies: Strange Days.

Have you ever wiretripped? Have you ever jacked in? Well, you've got your chance if you find yourself where a 35mm print of it is showing. Another example of how streaming does not solve nearly as many problems as it claims to, this shockingly difficult-to-see SciFi/action epic from Kathryn Bigelow is a wild, messy, grotesque, and brutal vision, and absolutely worth investigating. 

A Talk with Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks, Part II!

Guess what, y'all? More Sparks! This is part II of my epic interview with the Mael brothers (Part I is right here). The show was great, and I hope everyone in the rest of the world gets a chance to see them do their thing onstage.