18 September 2015

Famous People Talked to Me: Katya Zamolodchikova.

It's no secret that I was Team Katya on Season Seven of Drag Race. So I was quite happy to be interviewing her. Give it a filthy read, won't you?

At the movies: Queen of Earth.

If you wanna take a bunch of acid and get real with it at the movies, this is a pretty good choice.

At the movies: The Visit.

Sometimes a film just has the ability to get into your sense of self and start jiggling things around. The Visit does that.

At the movies: Phoenix.

Phoenix is an exceptional film that I have gotten in a lot of disagreements regarding. I advise anyone interested in film and history to check it out.

At the movies: Tangerine.

A unique film with a lot to say.

At the movies: Eden.

Eden hit me in a lot of different ways and a lot of different waves. It's one of the best movies about dance music and DJing yet made, and it haunts your soul like the best of classic ghost stories.