14 February 2013

Kam chang leepa sank tones, all around.

This weekend, I'll be hosting The Belcourt's midnight screenings of "Sine Yo Pitty On The Runny Kine," starring Pootie Tang. You know you need to be there. Wapatau to the bammies...

A Disco Whispers, 'Perhaps Tonight..."

I had the privilege of writing about Space is the Place, West Nashville's monthly Italo party, for the Nashville Scene this Valentine's Day. I hope to see you there.

Me vs The Oscar nominations. Hint: they win, sort of.

I totally spaced on publishing this here when I wrote it, and shame on me for that. Me, ranting about the Oscar nominations for almost two thousand words.

Famous People talked to me: Michael Haneke.

Another of my exploitations of the press conferences an attendant hoopla at the NYFF. Michael Haneke, talking about Amour.