06 November 2021

At the movies: Spencer.


Kristen Stewart is awesome, and if you feel this is not the case, I'm genuinely amazed that you ended up at this website. Well worth your time...

At the movies: Eternals.


I liked it. I admire its genial weirdness and where it puts its foot down. This seems like the first MCU film that engages with the tightrope walk alongside ridiculousness all universe-shaking plotlines must undertake. 

At the movies: Dune Part One.


My thoughts on Dune Part One are complicated, though generally positive. I am very much psyched for Part Two.

At the movies: Arrebato (1979)


A new restoration of one of the greats of psychotronic queer druggy cursed film cinema. You've never seen anything like it.

At the movies: Possession (1981)


Because you say "I" for me.

At the movies: Halloween Kills aka Halloween Bangs aka Halloween No


It is what it is, which is not very good. There's a great Sam Niles review that made me reconsider some things, but I still shake with rage when I think about this one. It's not as bad or stupid as The Rise of Skywalker, but it comes very close.

At the movies: Night Teeth.


Night Teeth, the new Netflix vampire epic, is visually stunning and socially interesting, and nestled within it is a one-scene wonder performance from Megan Fox like she's auditioning for Selene Gallio whenever the MCU figures their shit out.

Laser Prince!!!

 Like every alt-weekly, The Nashville Scene does big things with the annual Best of Nashville issue. I was able to bring attention to (generally) an artistic phenomenon that I really enjoy - planetarium laser shows - and (specifically) the amazing Laser Prince show that was developed by Nashville's own Adventure Science Center/Cumberland Science Museum folk. It's a great show, and if it comes to your nearby planetarium, it's the one spoken of here, developed at Nashville's Sudekum planetarium. Enjoy.

The 2021 New York Film Festival

 This year's NYFF was a whole new bundle of experiences for me. After last year's fully virtual fest, this year went back to in person (my first time not attending at Lincoln Center since 2002). I did my best with what all links I could get from helpful publicists, but it's a much more focused gathering of film herein. (No thanks whatsoever to Neon and A24, who completely ignored my eMails and whose films I was able to see through dumb luck thanks to other festivals. They don't read these, though if they did I'd like to think it might cause them a bit of shame and/or regret.)

I talked to Sparks.


I talked to Sparks.

At the movies: Titane.

 The winner of this year's Palme d'Or at Cannes was something transporting and unexpected.

Matt Braunger

Comedian, podcaster, actor, horror fan, and bon vivant Matt Braunger taped his newest special (coming soon, I would imagine) at Zanies here in Nashville, and in preparation for that, I got to talk to him for awhile. It was awesome.

At the movies: Dons of Disco (with special guest TAN)

 Who knew Italodisco bore so much drama? To discuss this epic survey of the Den Harrow/Tom Hooker situation, I called up international dancefloor phenomenon TAN for a no holds barred talk. This one is lots of fun.