08 July 2008

The world we live in, or things that are grinding me down this month.

I find times trying currently.

The heat doesn't help things.

It seems that 50% of the jobs I am currently associated with (there are four) are in the kind of tumultuous state of flux that sends the weak-kneed running and the stout of constitution headlong into certain death. I am neither.

I readily confess that for me to wail about the lack of stability in my own circumstances is paying short shrift to a lot of the terrifying shit going on in the world; considering climate crisis, Iraq, and the simultaneously boring and wrenching game of Risk we're calling the 2008 presidential election, and another looming Madonna divorce, where do I get off complaining about my own footing being shaken?

Well, this is the blogosphere, and self-interest is a vital and necessary part of that as well.

I hate punishingly hot weather. I hate the fact that I'm not discovering anything new and grounded in strength about myself due to the ongoing petroleum crisis.
I hate charities. More than that, I hate charities that are part of corporations. Even more than that, I hate when soliciting charitable donations becomes something compulsory. I hate boards of directors. I hate my neighbors' dogs. I hate higher-ups who at best do not understand the day-to-day operations of the real world and who at worst just don't give a fuck about anyone else. I hate the smell of cat boxes.

I am not good at holding things together.

I am not good at offering false hope.

I am thankful for the scientific greatness of medicine to obliterate doubt.

I will have a better day tomorrow.

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