23 July 2008

Forgotten places.

So the folks at Oddee have this interesting list up for viewing- the ten most fascinating ghost towns in the world.

It's a nifty little read (though I have some vague political issues with two things in the article; a special prize to the first reader who guesses what they are in the comments section), but the main reason I'm putting it up here is for its prominent featuring of Kolmanskop, in the Namibian desert. Eagle-eyed viewers and fans of art and horror cinema will recognize it as the location for both Richard Stanley's Dust Devil and Kristian Levring's Dogme 4: The King is Alive.

And if you haven't seen Dust Devil or The King is Alive, do so. You will not regret it.

Also, that uncompleted cursed future luxury park in Taiwan is mondo creepy.

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