13 July 2008

Music Mother and The Absent Oklahoma. An evening of music and such.

It was a karaoke wedding afterparty, and I managed to do eight songs over the course of about four and a half hours, with assistance from a champagne toast and a small child's cup of something that Shane Kandy had made that looked and tasted like pink gasoline. There were also exquisite salsa and strawberry and tiramisu cupcakes, any one of which could have started or ended small-skirmish WWI battles. It was an unexpected development, but a welcome one as I'd cowardly fled and left five friends stuck in damp metal chairs at a den of depravity just off Fourth Avenue.

o1 "Delilah" (Tom Jones)
o2 "Disco 2000" (Pulp)
o3 "Insomnia" (Faithless)*
o4 "Stockholm Syndrome" (Muse)
o5 "Forever Young" (Alphaville)
around this point, my voice decided to take its ball and go home, leaving me to bring some what I can best describe as Sadie Flood realness.

o6 "Girl You Know It's True" (Milli Vanilli)**
o7 "99 Red Balloons" (Nena)
o7.5 "Supersonic" (J.J. Fadd)***
o8 "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" (Julie Brown)

All I need is a good programmer and I think I can get that avant-cabaret thing going...

and Happy Wedding to Vickie & Chris.

* Yes, I did a Faithless song at karaoke, and it was a perfect example of one of those moments where you realize that you've chosen a song nobody at your event is going to recognize. I mean, it was in Chasing Amy. Nevertheless, I learned a valuable lesson- I will never be Maxi Jazz.
** This got the best response.
*** Some girls were trying to sing it and didn't know the words, so I kind of took over. But even I was out of my league when Baby D's high-speed closing rap in this song hit.

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