05 July 2008

A word of welcome.

I hope to provide you with intelligent film criticism and information regarding interesting developments in the world of visual and auditory arts. Gossip? Occasionally, but that's not one of my primary directives. This will be a place for fun things and filthy things, as well as reviews I can't schlep to paying publications.

Someone else had taken Interface 2037 as their Blogspot URL, as is their prerogative. So why did I choose Rebirth of the Flesh as the URL tag for this blog? The answer is twofold- 1) because it's one of my favorite Prince (actually, Camille) tracks, and 2) because it sounds vaguely Cronenbergian. And anything that encompasses Cronenberg and Prince is certainly alright by me.


DJ Ron Slomowicz said...

So glad to see that you have started your own blog.. welcome to the blogosphere..

Anonymous said...

Love the lists, however I can't find Prince's Top 10... help please