08 July 2008

Half Baked French.

So I was watching the Half Baked DVD with the French option a ways back, and what follows are the ten most useful pieces of language I picked up from it. Though I will readily confess that translating comedy must be really hard.

10. "bourdon" - bong.

09. "oui, sois cubain B." - yes, Cuban B.

08. "des chips a la creme sure et aux oignons avec de la trempette" - sour cream and onion chips with dip.

07. "fous le camp!" - "get away from me, bitch!" This phrase is also used, however, for "goddamn you!" and "Boo this man!"

06. "j'le crois. Je sais pas quoi, mais j'le crois." - I believe him, yo. I don't know why, but I do.

05. "va t'faire foutre, sale negre!" - fuck you, n*gga!

04. "oh, ton nichon" - damn girl, your titty.

03. "J'ai tue. J'ai aide a tuer. J'ai tue partoe de moi-meme. J'ne peux rien y changer, moi. Je dois rechercher Buddha. Je dois rechercher du Christ." - I have killed. I have helped to kill. I have killed a part of myself. I cannot change this, I. I must seek Buddha. I must seek Christ.

02. "Abba-Zabba, t'es mon seul pote" - Abba-Zabba, you're my only friend.

01. "Nous etions defonces" - We was to' up.

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