12 July 2008

International pop music interlude: Mylene Farmer (NSFW)

Now, a lot of people pay lip service to the idea that love/sex can stop our most ingrained and violent impulses- but not French diva Mylene Farmer. She's spent over twenty years making great pop music and phenomenal videos, and she's decided to put the record label's money where her ideology is.

Mylene Farmer - "Degeneration"

And all I can say is that between the new Grace Jones clip and this, it's been a staggeringly good week for classic innovative pop artists to come back strapped and bring their a-game. "Degeneration," directed by Bruno Aveillan, feels like a fusion of Madonna's "Bedtime Stories" with one event from Species and an inversion of several of the scenes from Lifeforce- only here, everybody gives instead of taking. Lots of flesh, Lots of unconventional pairings and triplings. Fun stuff. Since it contains nudity, I fear Youtube will pull it, but for the time being, I think it's okay just where it is.

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