13 July 2008

Family Entropy: The Ciccones.

It's just hard to even know what to think of Madonna these days. She just is- she's Madonna. She remains a fascinating businessperson and icon, even if she hasn't been much fun for the past fifteen or so years.

But the news that her brother Christopher has a tell-all book coming out has me interested, I'll not lie. I love sleazy celebrity biographies (the best one so far being J. Randy Taraborelli's Michael Jackson: The Magic and The Madness), and I derive a sick satisfaction from watching family relationships collapse amidst a flurry of faxes, press releases, and publishers' contracts.

So this new one has some excerpts in the Daily Mail today, and it's mildly juicy. While I do think Christopher Ciccone has an ax to grind, it's nice to have some evidence that the combination of Guy Ritchie and Kabbalah proved a one-two punch in the diminishing of Madonna's, well, Madonnitude.

I'll read the book, certainly. But I still think "Heartbeat," off the otherwise lackluster new record, is among the best things she's ever recorded.

And who really wins in this kind of situation, because here I am, talking about Madonna again.

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