03 April 2014

At the movies: Nymph()maniac.

There really isn't anybody consistently making movies like Lars Von Trier these days. I mention Verhoeven and Daniels in this review of Nymphomaniac, and I stand by that equation, but it's as if the three occupy completely different spheres, other than the abstract sphere of being awesome. Anyway, it's opening in Nashville this weekend, and I recommend all four hours, though I don't advise piecemealing it. As a whole is the way to experience it.

20 March 2014

At the movies: Muppets Most Wanted.

A new Muppets film is a cause for celebration. As always.

At the movies: Tim's Vermeer.

Sadly, as is the case with the majority of Sony Classics releases, Tim's Vermeer had a week in Nashville and is already gone. If it comes to your neck of the woods, don't miss it.

At the movies: 300: Rise of an Empire 3D.

As much as I hated the original 300 (and oh, did I- even busting out the Boo-urns on it), I kind of enjoyed aspects of the new film, mainly because it's a little more interesting and not nearly as stupid as its progenitor.

21 February 2014

At the movies: Nurse 3D.

While it didn't make it out in 2012 (which makes the mind boggle at what all went on behind the scenes in its making and post-production), Nurse 3D is now something most can experience.

Some thoughts on the Oscar nominations.

Sometimes, I like to rant in constructive forms.

At the movies: January catch-up.

A fun romp through several of January's weirder releases. It's a pity that I didn't think to wait an extra week on this so I could have included I, Frankenstein. Oh well...