06 November 2021

At the movies: Spencer.


Kristen Stewart is awesome, and if you feel this is not the case, I'm genuinely amazed that you ended up at this website. Well worth your time...

At the movies: Eternals.


I liked it. I admire its genial weirdness and where it puts its foot down. This seems like the first MCU film that engages with the tightrope walk alongside ridiculousness all universe-shaking plotlines must undertake. 

At the movies: Dune Part One.


My thoughts on Dune Part One are complicated, though generally positive. I am very much psyched for Part Two.

At the movies: Arrebato (1979)


A new restoration of one of the greats of psychotronic queer druggy cursed film cinema. You've never seen anything like it.

At the movies: Possession (1981)


Because you say "I" for me.

At the movies: Halloween Kills aka Halloween Bangs aka Halloween No


It is what it is, which is not very good. There's a great Sam Niles review that made me reconsider some things, but I still shake with rage when I think about this one. It's not as bad or stupid as The Rise of Skywalker, but it comes very close.

At the movies: Night Teeth.


Night Teeth, the new Netflix vampire epic, is visually stunning and socially interesting, and nestled within it is a one-scene wonder performance from Megan Fox like she's auditioning for Selene Gallio whenever the MCU figures their shit out.