29 July 2022

A Tropical Malady discussion with Dave White.

 It's always a joy to talk about art cinema with Dave White, and this latest incarnation, focusing on Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Tropical Malady, is no exception to that. We cover a lot of narrative and thematic ground.

07 July 2022

Podcastery, y'all: The Incinerator - Jennifer Jason Leigh.


I appeared on the Incinerator podcast to examine the films of Jennifer Jason Leigh, and it was an intense and complicated experience. Sam Inglis was a worthy competitor/collaborator, and The Engineer was a Machiavellian genius. Host/MC/chaos imp Billy Ray Brewton did exactly what you would expect, and the whole thing was a delightful experience that nonetheless had me fighting off acid reflux fits. I adore Jennifer Jason Leigh, and I have no doubt I will be engaging with this appearance for awhile.

At the movies: Lost Highway.

 "We've met before, haven't we?"

The Tan Side of Lonesome. An interview with Tan.


Always a delight to talk to Tan, Nashville's secret weapon when it comes to the realms of Italodisco, Hi-NRG, sophistipop, birdwatching, and aquarium design.

At the movies: Thor: Love and Thunder (or Th4r, if you ask me).


Time to get Thorganized. This one's fine (better than Dr Strange 2, to be sure), but I just want more Russell Crowe as Zeus and the redacted spoiler from the first end credits scene.

At the movies: Flux Gourmet.


Another Peter Strickland masterpiece.

At the movies: Elvis.

Despite going in expecting a disaster, I really did enjoy this film. It's also very funny that the guy playing Little Richard almost steals the whole movie with just one scene.