26 August 2021

At the movies: The Night House.

While it's still in theatres, and if you feel safe doing so, you should check out THE NIGHT HOUSE. It's something very special.

At the movies: Split Second.

For an AV Club week focused on SciFi noir, I got to write about 1992's SPLIT SECOND.


31 July 2021

At the movies: The Vigil.


I got to do a bit of a retrospective review of one of the great scary movies of early 2021.

Some thoughts about Ted Lasso.

 It's absolutely worth your time, even if sports.

A look at another Zola story being told.

 I got to write about an aspect of Zola that I find fascinating- the way it uses Tampa geography and architecture to accentuate what's happening. I am still shocked that they didn't use the 2001 Odyssey Nude in some capacity, even if just in a background shot.

19 June 2021

At the movies: Censor.

 An auspicious feature debut that gets real messy in the recesses of the mind. It lingers in my head, and I think you'll find something deep within its many facets.

At the movies: In The Heights.

 My Dad took me to my first Broadway shows, so it seemed appropriate that I got to take him to an advance screening of this film. It scratches that big musical theatre itch.