01 August 2014

At the movies: Guardians of the Galaxy 3D.

I've been a fan of James Gunn's work since I first saw Tromeo and Juliet at a friend's apartment in Murfreesboro way back in the late '90s. I was so bowled over by what that film did that I even saw both of the Scooby-Doo movies he wrote. Fortunately, with the Dawn of the Dead remake, it all got back on track, and Slither and Super continued in that fashion. So there's history there, and I have to doff my theoretical hat to Marvel, because with Shane Black last year and now James Gunn, they've taken some of my favorite writer/directors and made them A-list players - and this is something that can only benefit our culture immeasurably.

So please do check out my review of this film for the Scene. It's a lot of fun, and it brings me great joy on multiple levels.

17 July 2014

At the movies: The Purge: Anarchy.

Another year, another ritual bloodletting... This year's Purge expands upon its initial installment with verve and adrenaline-fuelled rage, and I can't help but recommend it to anybody who is exasperated with/terrified by the reactionary foolishness that's bludgeoning the people of the U.S.

One thing that I wanted to emphasize in my review but that sort of got pared down into a less grammatically contentious phrase (something which happens a lot in the editing process, which is certainly a good thing) is how there's been an insidious strategy, both in the film's dramaturgy and in real life, where the poor get brainwashed into thinking that their enemy, the only thing standing between them and untold riches, are other poor people. It's divide and conquer theory, but somehow more peacockish about its evil.

02 June 2014

At the movies: Maleficent.

I adored Maleficent, which is a bit of a structural mess but a delight for anyone who enjoys camp, subverting the patriarchy, diva experiences, magick, and empowerment of the oppressed. I recommend seeing it with a big crowd of little girls and gays for maximum enjoyment. I saw it with a women's studies professor and a gay research scientist, and that was the definite right way to do it.

At the movies: Locke.

So here's a small review I did for a film that I got to see at this year's Nashville Film Festival.

03 April 2014

At the movies: Nymph()maniac.

There really isn't anybody consistently making movies like Lars Von Trier these days. I mention Verhoeven and Daniels in this review of Nymphomaniac, and I stand by that equation, but it's as if the three occupy completely different spheres, other than the abstract sphere of being awesome. Anyway, it's opening in Nashville this weekend, and I recommend all four hours, though I don't advise piecemealing it. As a whole is the way to experience it.