27 October 2022

The Lizzo Experience!


The Prelude.

At the movies: Halloween Ends.


Messy, uneven, and yet quantum leaps ahead of Halloween Kills in terms of ambition and quality.

At the disco.

 Just me, writing about Italodisco, the Nashville Neuromantic scene, and my fave bar in the city,

At the Drive-In.

 Just me, writing about drive-ins for the Best of Nashville issue.

At the movies: TAR.

 Deeply satisfying and musically exquisite. Also, Nina Hoss rules.

At the movies: Hellraiser (2022).


A new Hellraiser that isn't mercenary or terrible!

At the movies: Bros.

 A delight that occasionally seems at odds with itself but that articulates something I've been trying to find in art for awhile now.