10 July 2008

So, I read this... House of Doors by Brian Lumley

Decent enough premise; a bunch of random folk get trapped in a many roomed anomaly that manifests itself as a castle with lots of levels and lots of doors, each a gateway to things. My thought on reading the back while on vacation visiting the family down south was that, being from '94, the book might have been an influence on Cube and might not have been subject to the same problems as that film.


The book is just not very good. None of the descriptions, setpieces, or deaths are enthralling, the alien subplot is matter-of-factly deployed, killing any sense of suspense, and none of the characters distinguish themselves in any fashion other than attempted rape and one-trait tokenism.

I love horror, and I love anything dealing with weird physical space made of unholy geometries. This satisfies neither condition.

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