11 July 2008

Cakes for Miss Swinton- all night long...

It seems like most people, I have a lot of weird love for Tilda Swinton. Actress, muse, fashion icon, she is all of these things. But to that list, we can add Film Festival programmer and bankroller. Her new film festival, based out of the Ballerina Theatre in her Scottish hometown of Nairn, looks like the perfect collision between grassroots cinephilia and quirky big-name moviemakers. The prices are cheap (right around $6 or a tray of homemade cakes/cookies for an admission), and, in addition to a Coen brother, you get Bjork videos, All About Eve, 8 1/2, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Nothing in the world would make me happier than if this started a huge trend amongst people with money and impeccable taste.

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