14 July 2008

"Peep show, creep show; where did you get those eyes?"

It looks like Jeepers Creepers III is happening after all, according to the wonderful folk at Fangoria. I have to say, it sounds interesting, and I'm glad to see some more cinematic love being thrown the way of one of our more intriguing recent cinematic creature franchises. The Creeper really is the only new franchise monster since Candyman to make any kind of permanent mark on the screen and the subconscious, so it should be interesting to have him back.

And it's always good to have Ray Wise in things. Speaking of whom, is Reaper as good as I keep hearing? I know toward the end of Season One it brings in Ken Marino and Michael Ian Black, and that's always at least intriguing.

Also- Eileen Brennan = Best Cinematic Crazy Cat Lady ever.

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