04 September 2008

Forgotten dance classics: Kid 'n Play - "2 Hype."

Ah, the second summer of love. When Manchester's Hacienda was the tastemaking dance floor of choice for international sounds. Gaining ascendancy in the interim between Belgium's one-two punch of New Beat and techno, with acid house, hip-hop, and a lot of ecstasy playing nice together, it was a time of utter magic.

In the midst of that, you had all these American hip-hop artists getting remixed for the European dance market, and the end results were sometimes a mess and sometimes glorious. There's very little actual Kid or Play in Dancin' Danny D's House Mix, but the sounds are amazing (to be sampled themselves just a few years later in Altern 8's "Activ 8"). Luxuriate in it.

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