04 September 2008

The Best Music Video of all time.

There is nothing that comes close. I remember this video being shown theatrically in 1984/1985 here in Nashville in some of the Carmike theatres; I know for a fact I saw it before The Dirt Bike Kid and Back To The Future. If this means there's a bunch of 35mm prints of this video out there, then I want one desperately.


fruitncheese said...

I LOVE this video! You saw it in theatres? How cool. I saw Back to the Future in the theatre but I didn't see this with it. Maybe it was just select cities.
But you are correct. A 35mm copy would be fantastic.

fruitncheese said...

Hey! I googled a-ha after reading this and there is a contest for the ultimate 80's song. It's the finals this week and it's a-ha v. Adam Ant. DUH! "Take on Me", no questions.
You can get the link to vote here.