20 September 2008

And everyone knows your business.

There have been times when I've written of that peculiarly New York phenomenon of heading back home after having been properly laid and everyone you pass by sorta knowing your business from your carriage and demeanor. Well, if you ever wanted to know what that sounds like, strolling on home twenty-something blocks with a buzzed and blissful smile on your face around four in the morning, this is it.

Mr. Fingers - "Can U Feel it"
from 1986 on Trax Records.

So if you're trying to use iTunes (or whatever non-Apple and their damned proprietary software equivalent to make a playlist of the sounds of NYC as I've been hearing them, here are a few more to add to the list (in addition to our friend Mr. Fingers above).

OMD - "Enola Gay"
Charles Aznavour - "Emmenez-moi"
Buzzcocks - "Love You More"
m83 - "Kim and Jessie"
PiL - "This is not a Love Song"
Giorgio Moroder - "From Here to Eternity/Utopia, Me Giorgio"
The Jones Girls - "You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else"
Buzzcocks - "Noise Annoys"
Depeche Mode - "Big Muff"

I will add to the list as necessary and as is accurate.

Yesterday I saw:
LOLA MONTES (d. Max OPHULS) ** 1/2
UN CONTE DE NOEL (A Christmas Tale) (d. Arnaud DESPLECHIN) *** 1/2
TOKYO SONATA (d. KUROSAWA Kiyoshi) *** 1/2

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