21 August 2008

So I read this: Skinema by Chris Nieratko.

Loosely tied into the Jackass/Big Brother guys, Chris Nieratko took an ostensible porn review column and turned it into a Joe Bob Briggs-Proustian venting of his subconscious and drug-fuelled and sex-laden adventures. I admire what he accomplished, and I dig his style and utter disdain for what criticism truly requires, but I feel like there could have been more to it.

I mean, he's got a flair for picking stuff with great titles, but he jettisons an sense of giving a shit about the material, and in turn he comes off as a total asshole. He's got some wit and can tell a good story, but it can be deadening if you read it like a book. File it with your diaries, and it'll fit just fine.

My main hope after reading Skinema is that someday I will have the opportunity to publish some of my own rambling and tangential stuff. Sort of like here...

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