21 August 2008

So I read this: Hack/Slash: The First Cut by Tim Seeley.

Conceived in the spirit of Carol Clover and Misty Mundae, Hack/Slash is the ongoing story of Cassie Hack, an alienated girl whose mother was the slasher "The Lunch Lady." Now, along with her misshapen compatriot Vlad, she's made a life out of taking down slashers, those killers whose sprees extend from beyond the grave.

The First Cut, a birthday gift from the overmind at Safe in Heaven Dead Films, collects the first three Hack/Slash stories together, and it's pretty entertaining. The characterization is minimal, and occasionally dips into some predictable cliches, but things move quickly and Cassie and Vlad make for a good team.

Word has it that there's going to be a Hack/Slash film in 2009, and it's perfectly geared for that sort of thing. The second of the three main stories in The First Cut, "Girls Gone Dead," is perfect for the big screen. There's a little of everything that horror fans can dig on, and I look forward to seeing how the story of Cassie Hack continues to evolve.

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