03 October 2019

Tonight on The Graveyard Shift - 10/3/19

It's opening night at the Nashville Film Festival, now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. Tonight, at 7pm, we are ecstatic to be presenting Rob Grant's film HARPOON.
It is a vicious and hysterical film that gets at the absolute worst aspects of human behavior, and it delivers the same kind of sick joy you get from The War of The Roses, The Last of Sheila, Blood Simple, or The Champagne Club. 
HARPOON is showing with the short film TAYLOR IS MISSING, from director Mia Sorenson. It's a beautiful and brutal short about memory, trauma, and regret.

I'll be presenting the Graveyard section with trailers or more info on a daily basis, and I hope to see y'all there.

Tickets are available here.

Tomorrow, Friday the 4th of October, we've got the following on the Graveyard Shift:
DRIVEN (with special guests) at 8:30 (also shows on the 6th at 8:30PM)
The FRAYED SHORTS Program (with special guests) at 9:00PM (also shows on the 8th at 8PM)

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