14 July 2011

At the movies: "Liz & Losey."

To close out its two-month, eight-film tribute to the legacy of Elizabeth Taylor, The Belcourt Theatre in Nashville is ending things with a double feature of Taylor's 1968 Joseph Losey collaborations Secret Ceremony and Boom!

Neither of these films have been released on DVD or any of the various streaming/on demand services, so this is probably your best chance to experience them in a semiluxurious (and mercifully air-conditioned)setting, so perhaps you should consider such a thing. Also, while both films snuck out on VHS during the downward spiral of that format, Boom! was released in a viciously cropped version that completely obliterated its full Panavision dimensions.

I talk about both films in the current issue of The Nashville Scene. You're soaking in it...

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