19 November 2009

Famous people talked to me... NYFF '09 Edition.

So at the 2009 New York Film Festival, I was more than willing to spread it around and talk to anyone at any kind of gathering I could. Press conferences, semiformal events, bum-rushing the stage following meaningful moments... No shame here, is what I'm saying. So I got to interact with two interesting directors, and both write-ups have been featured in this week's Metromix in my hometown. As I'm almost exclusively print-only for them, this is a big deal.

So here's some words from Lee Daniels, director of Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire, and Lars von Trier, writer/director of Antichrist.

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Fruitncheese said...

As always,very good stuff. Congrats on the metromix!