15 October 2009

Everything that I watched on the Northeastern Excursion, Part II

Teorema (Italy-Pier Paolo PASOLINI) ***

Patrick (Australia-Richard FRANKLIN) **

Zombie Nightmare (Canada-Jack BRAVMAN) 1/2

Min Ye/Tell Me Who You Are (France/Mali-Souleymane CISSÉ) **

The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (Israel/US-Werner HERZOG) ***1/2

Trash Humpers (France/US-Harmony KORINE) (for Nashvillians) *** (for normal people) *1/2

Mother (South Korea-BONG Joon-Ho) ****

Precious (US-Lee DANIELS) **1/2

Kärleksbarn/Lovechild (Sweden-Daniel WIRTBERG) ****

Barbe Bleue/Blue Beard (France-Catherine BREILLAT) ****

A History of Independence (France/Mali-Daouda COULIBALY) *

Indepencia (France/Germany/The Netherlands/Phillipines-Raya MARTIN) **1/2

Altered (US-Eduardo SANCHEZ) **

The Girl in Lovers' Lane (US-Charles R. RONDEAU) **

La Momia Azteca contra el Robot Humano/The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy (Mexico-Rafael PORTILLO) -

Racket Girls (US-Robert DERTANO) *

Let's Scare Jessica To Death (US-John D. HANCOCK) ****

Funland (US-Michael A. SIMPSON) **

Prom Night (2009) (US-Nelson McCORMICK) *

The Hebrew Hammer (US-Jonathan KESSELMAN) **

Donkey Punch (UK-Oliver BLACKBURN) *

Curral de Mulheres/Amazon Jail (Brazil-Oswaldo De OLIVEIRA) *1/2

Wicked Lake (US-Zack PASSERO) 1/2

A Serious Man (UK/US-Ethan and Joel COEN) ****

Los Abrazos Rotos/Broken Embraces (Spain-Pedro ALMODÓVAR) **1/2

Soccarat (Spain-David MORENO) ****

Life During Wartime (US-Todd SOLONDZ) ***1/2

Chicken Heads (Palestine/US-Bassam Ali JARBAWI) *1/2

White Material (Cameroon/France-Claire DENIS) ***

A Serious Man (UK/US-Joel and Ethan COEN) ****

Paranormal Activity (US-Oren PELI) **1/2

Whip It (US-Drew BARRYMORE) ***1/2

La Mujer sin Cabeza/The Headless Woman (Argentina/France/Spain-Lucrecia MARTEL) ****

Couples Retreat (US-Peter BILLINGSLEY) -

The Brood (Canada-David CRONENBERG) ****

The Thing (US-John CARPENTER) ****

Toy Story 3D (US-John LASSETER) ***1/2

Toy Story 2 3D (US-John LASSETER) ****

La Mujer sin Cabeza/The Headless Woman (Argentina/France/Spain-Lucrecia MARTEL) ****

Alien (UK/US-Ridley SCOTT) ****

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