07 February 2009

A few words about the whole Christian Bale thing.

He was 100% right. I went to Film School for Cinematography, and one of the first things you learn is that you don’t mess with lights while you’re shooting a scene. As a cinematographer, you get the lights right before the cameras roll. To physically adjust lights during shooting is unprofessional, dangerous, and disrespectful to the dozens of other people working on set. We’ve all had bad days, and it sucks to be on the business end of that, but there is no reason for people to be acting like Christian Bale is some horrible out-of-control monster on set because he rightfully called out someone who was doing their job incorrectly. He may have all sorts of issues and drama, but as regards the Shane Hurlbut calling-out on set, Christian Bale was 100% right.

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