04 October 2008

This is rumor control; Here are the facts.

I am currently in the midst of a medical to-do. It is not life-threatening, it is not debilitating, and it is not something that the doctor I spoke with felt I should be too terribly concerned about.

It is, however, very embarrassing and fairly gross, as well as being strange. So I'm avoiding specificities. Let's just leave it at Cronenbergian/Breillatic.

If anything serious develops, I will let you know. More than likely, I'll be laughing about it within a few days.

One thing, though, that you should know (which I didn't): a doctor cannot prescribe medication across state lines. So if you're in a state in which you do not live/have a regular doctor and you need non-emergency help, always be aware of your nearest walk-in clinic.

Also, I can now officially say that I had a doctor say "Well, I've never seen that before." I think I get a bumper sticker from the AMA or something to that effect.

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